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Animal-Friendly Microhouse in Greenwood

We were pleasantly surprised to find a schmancy million dollar home (complete with "laundry facility") in Greenwood. Most of the mild shock perhaps can be explained in knowing that in the same neighborhood, one can also purchase this ,mini micro-house. It sounds redundant, but if you take a look at this one-story, 487 sq. ft. house, you might agree that (especially when photographed next to the normal proportioned red house next door) this little number looks like a playhouse in someone's backyard. Then again, if you're jonesing for the simple life and enjoy the company of animals (you're allowed up to three chickens!), then welcome to your new micro paradise. We also get the sneaking suspicion that the walls may be dry erase-friendly so for artists or those plagued with decorating indecision, be prepared to go nuts with no regrets! As expected, the price of living in such small quarters comes with a comparably small price tag: $199,000.

Listing 349 NW 84th St. [CB Bain]