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...Or Rent A Primo Fireworks-Watching Spot for Under $1,600 a Month

So you don't want to buy a spot just for watching the fireworks show next week. That's cool! Rent one instead! Gather up a buddy or a roommate, put together a security deposit, and feast your eyes on this bad boy. It's a 2-bedroom apartment in Wallingford with a 700 sq. ft. going for it, a granite kitchen, stainless steel appliances, and a breakfast bar. Better still: the attached balcony. No worries about getting caught drinking in public on Wednesday when you're sipping something sparkly from your own apartment, right?! Convenient much? The price tag doesn't hurt, either; it's just $1,595 a month. This one's available right now, so stalk away (before someone else scoops it up first). · Rental Listing: 3401 Wallingford Avenue North Apartment N [Zillow]