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Practice Dramatic Entrances in Sunset Hill

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Have you ever aspired to have that dramatic entrance you see in movies, the one when the ugly duckling-turned swan dressed in an eye-popping, body-hugging number cascades down the winding staircase in slow motion to be greeted by a gaping audience? Well just imagine having the luxury to execute said descent outside with all your neighbors gawking at you! That's what you'll get if you snag this 3-bed pad in Sunset Hill. Not only do you have a platform on which to perfect these grand entrances, but you'll also score a wrap-around deck with fabulous views of the sound, along with a little loft, vaulted ceilings, a jetted tub, and 2,490 sq. ft. in which to frolic. That, and it looks like you might even have a little balcony on the second floor perfect for playing modern day Rapunzel,working on that "Romeo and Juliet" speech, or just generally addressing "the people." Price tag: $998,500.

Listing: 6835 36th Ave NW [Estately]