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Sit Pretty in the Lack of Sunshine on Eastlake

Ah, sixty degree weather. Nothin' like it. Happy June everybody! If you're totally bummed out that it looks like, well, that outside, never fear: this house is sure to make you feel even worse! It's a Mediterranean-style space on Eastlake has three beds and 2,340 sq. ft. going for it, and it will very seriously inspire you to live on a sunny cliff somewhere. Unfortunately, the only way to accomplish that sort of a look in these parts is with a crazy Photoshop filter here -- hence the gallery above. Add in a pool, a pretty backyard terrace with an outdoor shower and fountains, and an apparently killer stereo. The price tag for a stylish beachy house in a not-quite-beachy locale: $1,350,000. · Listing: 121 E Edgar Street [Redfin]