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2 Beds and 973 Square Feet in Bellevue for $155k? Alright Then.

Bellevue's not usually the sort of place where you can find inexpensive housing, which is why this 2-bed might throw you for a loop. Just shy of 1,000 sq. ft., it's actually fairly doable in both the price department and the space department -- a rare find if we ever saw one. With fancy walk-in closets (yes, plural -- there are two) and granite countertops, it's got all the high-end touches you'd expect from a pad on the Eastside. It's also got garage access. Seriously, what's the catch here? We won't ask if you won't. The price tag: a super-cheap $155,000. Get it before someone else does. · Listing: 12519 SE 30th Street #B25, Bellevue, WA [Redfin]