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Newly Launched Site Releases Details on 32,000 Seattle Buildings

Honest Buildings can now say that they're keeping it "real" from coast to coast. Today, Thursday, June 7, the new online company released detailed information and pictures of 32,000 of Seattle's commercial and mixed-use buildings. While this West Coast "reveal" sounds scandalous -- as though perhaps Seattle were involved in some sneaky, back-door business schemes -- the intent behind the site is quite the opposite. Rather than trying to air out dirty laundry, Honest Buildings' does all the dirty work in trying to help companies and building owners do what Seattle does best: keep things green. That means that the company has done all the research to offer folks details including pictures, square footage, building ownership and management, projects and renovations, whether it's LEED Certified, rated by ENERGYSTAR, and the like so that other companies can cut out the laborious guesswork and be hooked up with the business to best suit their building and renovation needs.

"[Honest Buildings] is bringing the same type of efficiencies [sic] to the Real Estate market that Expedia and Trip Advisor did to the Travel Industry," said Michael Adler, former CFO and Executive Vice President of Expedia, Inc. "Not only is this going ot catalyze business for real estate copanies big and small, but the transparency they are providing is also going to accelerate the adoption of more high performance, energy efficient buidlings."

Honest Buildings has even teamed up with Seattle 2030 District -- a public/private partnership of more than 60 members -- to help the city reach the goal of the 2030 Challenge for Planning, which aims to amass 90 million sq. ft. of buildings in Downtown Seattle and meet the energy, water, and carbon dioxide reduction targets as mapped out by Architecture 2030 That way, Seattle's buildings can do their part in keeping our green-city happy.

So, Honest Buildings, we welcome you and your transparency to the Emerald City with open arms. And you know what that means, Seattle? Businesses can be better connected, we can continue greening our city, and (best of all), Seattleites can rejoice knowing that snooping just got that much easier.