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Check Out This Village-Inspired 2-bed on the Peninsula for Under $250k

Indianola's the place you'll find this cool, fishing village-inspired 2-bed that just hit the market for a super doable price (just six miles outside the city). But wait -- where on earth is Indianola? Answer: the Peninsula. It's home to just over 3,000 people, and you could be one of them in this 1,300 sq. ft. house. It's got 1.75 baths, an artist's studio, and a killer fireplace, along with lots of legitimately rustic charm. How'd it get to be so cool? The sellers bought the place a year ago and started making modern updates to the place, which was originally built in 1929. They're selling it now for a totally doable price: a mere $249,000. If you've got a boat and want to live as far as Seattle as possible, this is definitely worth a look. · Listing: 20507 Madrona Street NE, Indianola [Windermere]