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Is This Really Worth It?

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We feel like we're taking crazy pills! Is it just us or is this 4-bed, 3,040 sq. ft. house out in Des Moines -- okay, Redondo if we really want to get into it -- way too pricey? Sure, it sits on 10.44 acres, has a gated entry, views of Puget Sound, and a patio. And lucky for you, we can only assume that the house also comes with that large stone mermaid statue/fountain sitting out front that is holding the decapitated head of some unidentifiable feline. But let's get real, folks. Acreage or not, notwithstanding views of the water, does this Des Moines home warrant the $6.25 million price tag? (C'mon, we know the manse down the road is a steal, but this place makes us feel like we're getting robbed!) We say not unless the chimney is made from gold bricks...

Listing: 28057 13th Ave S. [CBBain]