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Seafair Hot Spots: Blue Angels Edition

Seafair officially kicked off last weekend with the landing of the Pirates, and you know what that means: lots of cool outdoor experiences where everyone in town crowds together to watch! An overwhelming amount of these events takes place on Lake Washington, so we'll be bringing you a few cool spots to actually watch said events from the comfort of your own home rather than trekking into the middle of Lake Washington.

This week, we bring you fun spots to live that are great for watching the Blue Angels next month. They're all exorbitantly expensive, located on the waterfront in Medina, and very, very large. Enjoy.

If it's old-time fun you want, this 6-bedroom in Medina, which was built in 1926, is just the ticket. It's right on the water, is 4,990 sq. ft., and features a greenhouse, "tiers of gardens," and a dock. Oh yeah -- it's $6,950,000.
· Listing: 3608 Evergreen Point Rd [Zillow]

Only slightly more affordable, this 4-bed, which is also in Medina, proves a decent viewing spot in its own right. It's 4,060 sq. ft. with a pretty sprawling yard, and it's perfect for the clothes-horse couple in your life -- the master bedroom has two (TWO!) walk-in closets. The price tag: $1,850,000. · Listing: 1885 77th Avenue NE [Zillow]

While this house certainly moves you down the price point chain, it's still not under $1m. Also in Medina, it's 2,770 sq. ft. 5-bed with nearly a half acre of land going for it. Built in 1955, it's definitely a go-to for the more private plane lovers in the audience -- it's surrounded by woods, but it's still within walking distance of some decent viewing spots. It's going for $1,195,000. · Listing: 2431 Evergreen Point Rd [Zillow]