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SpotProperty: World's First Real Estate Deal Site

These-a-days, daily deal sites are commonplace. Craving modern West African fare? Or a 6-day getaway to a ivy-covered Big House in Ireland? Or just need an affordable means to get your adrenaline pumping and jump out of a plane? Someone, some site on the World Wide Web has a deal for you. But what of those who are in need of sweet deals on condos, townhouses, and houses? (And not the crumbling, abandoned ones that are currently being occupied by families of rodents...) Now Movoto is saving you time (and money) by launching SpotProperty -- the latest and greatest to the daily deal scene.

Here's the basic idea: rather than forcing you to comb through thousands of listings to find the best properties at the best price point, SpotProperty and all their carefully crafted algorithms do all the grueling work for you (for free!) by sending you personalized daily e-mails about real estate steals in Seattle (or in any of the other 50 metro areas the site serves). These homes are "steals" because they're priced at least 10 to 20 percent below the current market value. And with a click of a button, the site can also hook you up with an expert agent to go check out the place in real-D.

Plain and simple, SpotProperty can finally save you from graying while wondering if that house that you're looking at is a good enough deal worth sinking your money into. Now you'll just know it's a good deal.