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Summer Project: West Side Fixer-Upper

While the post office exterior of this White Center house may be off-putting, think of it this way: with the right remodels, this boxy, window-happy structure has the goods to become a new, Northwest modern. True, the 2-bed, 1,290 sq. ft. pad doesn't afford you a ton of room to play around with, but ambitious DIY-ers can go nuts and expand on the 7,680 sq. ft. lot. And after your interior designer-minded friends cease cursing the '60s (or timeless bad design choices), they can strip down the ghastly tile and questionable wallpaper choices and create the house anew. For those with expendable cash, the starting price for this summer project is just chump change and will only run you $140,000.

Listing: 8615 8th Ave SW [CBBain]