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The Unthinkable: Palm Trees in Wallingford

While botany is not our strong suit here at Curbed, we know that finding palm trees in the Pacific Northwest are as common seeing UFOs. That's why when we see one (or the other), we can't help but point and shriek, really, just shocked that our suspicions were true -- by Jove, they do exist! Sure, the inside of this 3-bed, 2,260 sq. ft. house is cute enough with its hardwood floors, French doors, and fireplace, but we're totally stoked about this place because this Wallingford bungalow is casually growing a real, live palm tree on its well-manicured front lawn! The $599,950 price tag is a little pricey, we'll admit, but think of it this way: you'll be the only person in your 'hood who can boast owning such tropical vegetation all day, everyday.

Listing: 4504 2nd Ave NE [Estately]