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Little in the Middle But She Got Much Back: Renton Edition

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Between No Doubt's recent release of a new single and the news that Chumbawumba is calling it quits, it seems like the (living) ghosts of the '90s are coming back in full force, refusing to be forgotten. As such, we at Curbed Seattle are reminded of our own hometown hip-hop hero -- the one, the only, the fant-ass-tic, Renton-residing Sir Mix-a-Lot. Thus, to pay him homage and jump on the bring-back-the-'90s bandwagon (or is that a movement that only exists in our Dream Journals...), may we introduce "Little in the Middle But She Got Much Back": -- a new segment that will feature small-ish houses in the Seattle area that are situated on huge lots that have (delightfully) disproportionately large (back)yards.

To kick things off, we've found such a listing that falls within city limits of Sir Mix-a-Lot's latest (alleged) residence in Renton. This quiet, 2,440 sq. ft. suburban home has enough room to sport 3-beds, 1.75-baths, a wood burning fireplace, a two-car garage, and a deck. This place may not sound like she's worth writing home about until you find out she ain't no average groupie. No sir, this meager home is situated on a surprising 0.97 acres, room enough for fruit trees and gardens galore to blossom. Price tag :$372,888.

Listing: 7231 S 135th St. [Redfin]


2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121