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Seafair Hot Spots: Torchlight Run Edition

Our series of Seafair-centric listings continues this week with apartments that are close to the Torchlight run and parade, which takes place on the 28th. Behold, a list of on-the-market properties that are close enough to the parade route that you'll have a ton of friends asking you to save them a seat.

The race starts and ends at Seattle Center, so what better place to be than somewhere with a killer view of the Space Needle? This one-bed has super-high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a fancy master suite (complete with a deep soaking tub that will surely be a blessing after a long run). It's 603 sq. ft.and comes complete with lots of complex amenities like a rooftop deck, fitness center, and dog run. The price: actually just $349,900. · Listing: 2911 2nd Ave UNIT 1312 [Zillow]

What's that? You can live in the esteemed building that houses such influential people as Christian Grey (sort of?) and Tim Lincecum? And you'll also be on the race route?! It's true, friends. This one-bedroom at Escala has 1.5 baths, 952 sq. ft., and a decent view of... well, Virginia Street. But hey, Christian Grey, amiright? To be fair, Escala's in a pretty prime location for anybody who works downtown, and it's a pretty hot building. It's also right along the route for the Torchlight run. The price here is $489,000. · Listing: 1920 4th Ave # 912 [Zillow]

Finally, you can be both very forward-thinking and right along the last stretches of the run in this 1-bedroom on Vine Street. We say forward-thinking because eventually, this guy's going to have a cool view of the water -- but you'll have to wait it out as very, very loud construction crews tear the Viaduct apart, so, you know, there's that. It's got 637 sq. ft. going for it, along with lots of cool exposed brick, very high ceilings, and a bunch of wood reclaimed from an old firehouse. There's also a loft that's not included in the square footage, so you'll get a little extra space thrown in. The price: $324,000. · Listing: 81 Vine St APT 306 [Zillow]

Escala Condominium

1920 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101