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Live on Seattle Street for Under $500k

Love this town? We know -- so do we. If bragging about coffee and Grey's Anatomy (you do it, you know it) and how many days it rains and stuff to your out-of-town friend isn't enough Seattle pimping for you, though, you might want to take a look at this farmhouse in West Seattle. It's located on the 9-block stretch of road that's been dubbed Seattle Street, and it will make your address super confusing and super repetitive. You can talk about Seattle all day long, because you basically live there to the second power. Built in 1905, it's a 4-bed with 1,700 sq. ft., a deck, lots of pretty hardwood, and cherry kitchen cabinets. While the listing photos are lacking a little oomph, it's still worth checking out. Wave your Seattleite flag proudly, friends. The price is $485,000.
· Listing: 4310 SW Seattle Street [Zillow]