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Would You Rather...Garden Edition

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The sun is shining in the Pacific Northwest, which means if you have any semblance of a yard, you've probably already taken full advantage and bbq'd/lounged/frolicked/slip 'n slid the days away. But just imagine what you could do if you had some real green on which to sprawl out. That's why this week we picked out two garden-happy doozies to help you really get out there and visualize the possibilities. Now it's just a matter of asking which you would rather...

Option One

From the outset, this Seward Park home looks, well, ordinary. Step inside the 5-bed, 3,750 sq. ft. pad and get ready to shrug your shoulders, maybe do a double take or two at the turquoise carpet choice, and generally feel "meh" about the place. But once you breeze through the back door, all those visions of mediocrity are likely to disappear once you lay eyes on the garden. With 1.64 acres to play on, this yard not only boasts picturesque (and huge!) boxwood gardens complete with archway and a greenhouse, but also direct (and totally private) access to Lake Washington. Enjoy nature in luxury, the Seattle way. All this green will cost you a fair amount of green, as it is going for $3.488 million.

Listing: 7140 55th Ave S [Redfin]

Option Two

This 4-bed, whopping 7,610 sq. ft. pad in Magnolia certainly shimmers with more glitz and glamour, than its competitor. After all, this place lures folks in with its gleaming hardwood floors, open floor plan, jetted tub, wine cellar, second kitchen, and French door-kind of features that are hard to say no to. And while this house sits on a significantly smaller lot ("only" 0.97 acres), it perhaps makes up for its -- by relative standards -- diminished size by offering access to 150 ft of salt water beach front, overflowing, flower-inhabiting, view-tastic terraces, and a fair sized stretch of green of its own. But is it worth about $1.5 million more than its competitor? Be ready to shell out a pretty penny for this bad boy because it's going to cost you $4.95 million to snag this one.

Listing: 3035 Perkins Ln. W [Redfin]


2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121