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Block Party is Over -- Buy a Condo for Next Year!

Okay, so yeah, Capitol Hill Block Party! Whoooo what a doozy! You were totally willing to take a cab back to Wallingford all weekend, but it was still sort of a pain. Now that it's over, you know you want a condo closer to the action for next year. If a one-bedroom is what you seek, we've found a spot for you that's within walking distance of the festivities and looks pretty nice for the rest of the year. Behold, 788 sq. ft. of goodness in a condo in a Tudor on Capitol Hill! Everything's just ideal! Built in 1929, it's got all the old-school details you want (leaded glass and all that jazz) and an updated kitchen and great location that make regular ol' 2012 living pretty good. The price tag: just $318,000. Not that bad!
· Listing: 111 14th Avenue East Apartment E [Zillow]