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Living Cape Cod-Style on the West Coast

Admit it -- there are days when we yearn to indulge in first world problems and complain about the horrible humidity while summering on the Cape, gin and tonic in hand. Lacking the luxury to jet set across the nation on a whim, we decided it best to quell our jealousy with a more local antidote. Thus, may we present this 3-bed, 3.25-bath Cape house replica for your consideration. You could very well trick yourself into believing that you are indeed on the East Coast, as architecturally, the 3,300 sq. ft. pad has the look of a newer place you could easily find wandering around somewhere like Barnstable. Sitting atop 1.82 acres, your (soon to be) West Coast Cape house also has a ton of low-key deck space, covered porches, and direct waterfront access. And to really make you feel like it's the "real deal," this place is out on Vashon Island so it takes just as long and is just as obnoxious to get to as its East Coast counterpart. The best part of all is that you can enjoy the Cape Cod-esque lifestyle at a fraction of the cost, as summering here will only run you $1.995 million. Cheers to that.

Listing: 23829 Dockton Rd. SW [Zillow]