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Seafair Hot Spots: Fleet Week Edition

Seattle's favorite summer experience is upon us: Seafair! We've combed the listings to find the best spots to hang out during the city's signature events -- this week, we bring you condos within walking distance of Fleet Week.

First, go big or go home -- and then hold a big, giant party for all the sailors who will flood the waterfront in two weeks! This 3,700 sq. ft. loft in Belltown has three bedrooms, three and a half baths! Perfect place for a fiesta, right? The price is gonna be a bit of a downer though -- it'll run you $1,297,000.
· Listing: 80 Vine St. Apt. 403-404 [Zillow]

Pining for something a touch cheaper? Try a townhouse on Virginia. This one's got two stories, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. It's got just over 1,300 sq. ft. going for it, as well as a balcony, covered parking, and fancy stainless steel appliances. The slightly-more-doable price: $825,000. · Listing: 88 Virginia St Apt 33 [Zillow]

If that's all still too pricey for you, this one should get you excited. It's one-bedroom with one bath, it's on the top floor (that would be the sixth), and it's got 622 sq. ft. to its name. It's also got a fitness center, private balcony, and rooftop deck to sweeten the deal, so you'll probably be pretty stoked to find out the price: a mere $150,000. · Listing: 2440 Western Ave Apt. 806 [Zillow]