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Living Like an Emperor: A Three for One Deal

Some houses are generously listed as possessing "Asian architecture" because of the presence of bamboo hardwood floors or a small bonsai plant tucked away in the corner of the backyard. Well, here's a house that puts those "posers" to shame, almost so convincingly that you may very well feel like you've stumbled onto the abandoned set of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." That, and you'll likely be unable to shake the feeling that you're an new-age emperor (or at least a part of the nobility), as three different houses are situated on this secluded 12.5 acre property. Admittedly, the 3,000 sq. ft. "main house" is much more of a hybrid of eastern and western influences, as features like the vaulted ceilings, Asian garden and pond out front, and communal-sized shower (room) appeal to both Asian and Northwest aesthetics. When you tire from the drone of living day in and day out in the same ole' 3-bed, 1.5-bath house, enjoy a mini-vacation and take a stroll/golf cart/rickshaw past the free-roaming deer to any one of the other two (guest) houses on the estate. There, you can enjoy the twentieth century luxury of electricity while simultaneously relaxing like royalty in the quiet (and crazy convincing) charm of old eastern Asia. This sprawling, three-in-one Asian retreat property can be snagged up for only $2.995 million. Ah, Zen...

Listing: 14725 108th Lane SW [Windermere]