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Local Woman Announces Engagement to Yesler Terrace

Consider this hypothetical scenario: if you fall in love and get married to an inanimate object and someone comes along and does it harm (perhaps even destroying beyond recognition), does/should that person be charged with harassment? Homicide? "Thing"-slaughter? Sound preposterous? Tell that to Babylonia Aivaz, a local woman "engaged," if you will, to perhaps soon to be torn down Yesler Terrace. As the former "widow" of the 10th and Union warehouse, she hopes that her marriage to the neighborhood will draw sympathy from the City Council and make them reconsider replacing her "love" with a slew of high rise condos. (Her statement is totally worth the read.) While we proffer no solutions for Aivaz and doubt that she'll press charges if her love is "murdered" before her eyes, this metaphor-gone-too-far perhaps indicates the rise of a new peace-and-love vigilante, a non-violent superhero -- a woman who wears a wedding dress to rush to the scene of a demolition in the hopes of saving the day of both the inanimate object and the character of the community. Watch out Phoenix Jones, you've got competition.