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Go Way Under $200k On a Westlake Houseboat

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If you're up for it, owning a houseboat will make you the coolest person in the world tomorrow. You also don't need to spend over a million dollars either, so stop clutching your wallets. Things are cool, you're covered. This tiny little studio is just shy of 200 sq. ft. (yikes!), has a futon and a kitchen, and is, well, very very small. But it's a houseboat! And it's so fun! And it would be perfect for fireworks! We know, we know. Not interested in buying? Try to set up a tour for tomorrow at, say, around 10 pm. Sounds legit to us. The price if you're up for it, though, is just $55,000. · Listing: 2450 Westlake Avenue North [Zillow]