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This Queen Anne House is Both Colorful and Creepy!

There are two noteworthy things going on in this 1,720-sq.-ft. 4-bed on Upper Queen Anne. First, it's very colorful! Each room appears to be painted a different shade of Easter egg-y pastel, which is really kind of delightful. It was built in 1908 and has a fairly massive lot, both are pretty exciting Queen Anne-y features that should make your heart beat a little faster. It's got off-street parking for two cars too, which is a nice not-so-Queen-Anne-y feature that could come in handy when you start filling those four bedrooms. The second thing, though, is a little creepy -- check out that haunted fireplace, guys! This house is empty and the fireplace is still on! Obviously, it's haunted. That's the only way to explain the price. It's just $525,000, which is a steal in Queen Anne as of late -- especially since the house comes complete with its own ghost. · Listing: 2511 2nd Avenue West [Estately]