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Garage Doors in the Kitchen? Yup. Really.

It's bizarre that this listing is located in South Park, where one usually wouldn't really stumble upon a crazy cool, crazy modern, crazy crazy roll-up garage door in a kitchen, but we'll roll with it (haaa pun!). The 2-bed townhouse is worth a look, after all -- just take a peek at the gallery. It's got 2.25 baths, over 1,300 sq. ft. going for it, and that crazy garage door action that leads you right into the middle of the living room. Parking's also included, as well as the master suite (with a killer bathroom) and all those pretty concrete floors. The catch: it's, well, in South Park. The glimpses of scenery we caught looking through the windows indicate that this is till very much in the weird no man's land between White Center and Seattle proper, which make it a little awkward. Still, that door! That design! That price! It'll run you just $239,000. · Listing: 545 South Sullivan Street Unit D [Estately]