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Spacious Modern Remodel for Under $1M

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We don't have the "before" photos of what this pad in Columbia City/Seward Park looked like, but we likey what it looks like now. The modern remodel is pretty (and) boxy, packing a wet bar, hot tub, indoor/outdoor atrium, vaulted ceilings, a ton of smaller decorative windows, and three fireplaces in its 4,323 sq. ft. interior. Plus, (for those with a mediocre arm) you're really only a stone's throw away from Lake Washington Boulevard, which means that you have some killer views of the water. A rebuild with features like this will usually run you well over a million big ones, but after spending over half a year on the market, this happy home can be yours for a mere $899,000, recently chopped from the original $1.15 million.

Listing: 4102 51st Ave S [Zillow]