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Typo or Super Cheap?

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We have no pictures so we can't really tell if this place is a palace or a shack on wheels, but the description suggests the former. (Well, that and used the stalk-tastic power of the internet pages to look it up...) If so, this place is the bargain of the century! While the pad doesn't have a ton of swanky features of which to boast (other than some French doors and a fireplace), it's still a 4-bed, 3,720 sq. ft. home on Capitol Hill that has tons of views of Lake Washington. And it's only $5,500. As in, if you can hold on on buying that beater of a car you found on Craigslist -- the one with the paint chipping and torn out speakers -- then you can afford to buy a house. On Capitol Hill. Unless it's missing a few zeros...

Listing: 1516 E. Howe St. [Movoto]