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Would You Rather...Pool Edition

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As residents of the Pacific Northwest, we've all heard some variation of this truth before: a Seattle summer doesn't start until we celebrate America's birthday (with copious amounts of beers, brats, bros, and perhaps some fireworks here and there). Thus, may we officially announce the start of pool season! Rather than wasting such precious days of sun exercising "sharing is caring" at potentially pee-infested local pools, why not embrace private property with these two listings with fabulous pools? They're a teensy on the spendy side, but it never hurts to look...

Option One

A pool only seems natural on this 5.6 acre estate out in Sammamish. After all, this place has everything else. As a 4-bed, 6,913 sq. ft. manse, the house features the usual fancy amenities like walk-in closets, exercise room, French doors, patio, skylights, a solarium, a second kitchen, and an indoor hot tub/spa, in addition to the indoor 40-foot pool. Why indoor you ask? Perhaps to accommodate both swimmers and Northwest weather tendencies, but maybe because there's so many other aspects to this property that occupy the outdoors. After all, the property is pretty busy already, what with the greenhouse, barn, dog run, fruit trees, terraces, gardens, private creek-fed pond, and fire pit that it has to "squeeze" in. Besides, the indoor pool room rocks an intricate dehumidifying/heating system so you can pretend it's summer year-round. Price tag: $2.23 million.

Listing: 624 234th Ave SE [Windermere]

Option Two

From an aerial view, this house in Mount Baker seems hardly the competitor. This Seattle pad doesn't have the luxury of sprawling its goods all over like its (swanky but) almost rural-by-comparison competitor-- the neighbors would hardly approve. Even so, parking yourself on 17,510 sq. ft. lot is hardly something to be ashamed about. While this 4-bed, 3.25-bath home isn't chocked full of amenities, it does have the most coveted of all: views of Lake Washington. That, and the newly remodeled in-ground pool is outdoors so while you won't be able to (or really want to) swim during the "rainy months," you'll be able to have some real fun in the sun. And as luck would have it, living in Seattle, having an outdoor pool, and views of Lake Washington is way cheaper. This bad boy will only run you $1.698 million.

Listing: 3724 Cascadia Ave S. [Redfin]


2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121