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Live it Up on Eastlake For Under $265k

It may be going out on a limb a bit, but if you were to make the argument that the most under-appreciated waterfront spots on Lake Union are on Eastlake you wouldn't be totally off the mark. So many houseboats dot the shore that it's tough to find any legitimate spots to actually get to the water, which make it so most Seattleites sort of count it out when it comes to sunning themselves when the weather's like, well, this. Don't be one of those people. This 619-sq.-ft. 1-bed makes it easy to take advantage of the secret spots for sitting lakeside (hint -- between the house boat docks are some little city-owned ones that are open to the public) on the cheap. It's got parking too, which is at a premium in the neighborhood. Add to that the fact that any additional cars get a zone pass that's subsidized by UW (sweet), and you've got yourself spot that's pretty great for hanging out. The best part: the price is right. At just $262,500, it's likely the cheapest thing you'll find on the water this side of anywhere. · Listing: 2920 Eastlake Ave E APT 207 [Zillow]