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Use This Massive Yard for Sunning All Week in Sandpoint

A 20,000 square foot lot? Seriously, do those exist inside city limits? Apparently, because this place on Windermere Road is situated on one. The house itself has over 5,000 sq. ft., four beds, five baths, and was built way back in the 1930s. The gorgeous woodwork, wallpaper, and other old-school details make it so the place looks way more elegant than anything you'd expect in a neighborhood full of McMansions -- plainly put, this one's really quite a peach. The price you'll pay for it is a little steep -- $2,185,000 to be precise -- but something this close to the water and with this much of a fancy pedigree is worth it. · Listing: 6038 NE Windermere Rd [Zillow]