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Too Small to Share?

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Sharing is caring -- we're total believers of the motto. But correct us if we're wrong: when we find a listing that describes a room as a "LARGE private room", we're expecting something a skosh bigger than a walk-in closet. Upon first glance, this co-op in Belltown seemed too good to be true. Rent is only $431/month, you have access to 4 kitchens, 8 bathrooms , 2 lounges, a rooftop deck, and you only have to put in about 10 hours of community work to help maintain the place. But we balked when we saw that the "large" room that you're promised is only 220 sq. ft., barely big enough for a mattress, a closet, a plant, and you. Then again, if you're trying to make a transition to the simple life, then maybe you've met your match.

Listing: Belltown [Craigslist]