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Pacific Northwest, Meet Your Real Estate Unicorn on the Water

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It's not very often you find a residence combining the teeny tininess of a micro house, the floating capabilities of a houseboat, and the environmentally friendly features typical of a Built Green home. Sounds like the elusive unicorn of real estate, right? Well, be ready to be baffled, Pacific Northwest because such a place does Olympia. Built Green recently designed a two-story, light green, 550 sq. ft. houseboat aptly named "Sweet Pea." Like many micro houses, the square footage belies the amount of space you actually feel you have, as the place packs in a modern kitchen complete with Energy Star appliances, floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors, a second floor balcony deck, and a bedroom big enough to sleep two. And something to look forward to: although this houseboat already taken, word on the street is that the mastermind behind this work of art is in the process of churning out another doozie. Don't worry -- we'll keep you posted.

Listing: Martin Marina Olympia