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Little in the Middle But She Got Much Back: Burien Edition

Welcome to round two of our homage of (read: excuse to further feed our obsession with) the '90s and the esteemed Sir Mix-A-Lot. We've scoured the market for residential homes that fit the bill and proportionally, this pad out in Burien got us hooked and we can't stop staring. With 3-beds and 2.25-baths spread over 3,695 sq. ft., this house certainly doesn't sound particularly large. Then again, that "itty bitty waist" is a little bigger than the average, as place has room enough for a second kitchen, private patios, vaulted ceilings, a walk-in closet, two fireplaces, and a covered garage. But after looking at the 1.7 acre lot that the house is situated on, even white boys got to shout that "baby got back!" Especially after you see that you have your own personal access to the Puget Sound waterfront, a wrap-around patio that looks out over the water, gardens galore, and even more land with which you can do you as you please. If you're worried about the $1.325 million that you're going to have to fork up to snag this trophy, you can sigh a small (okay, really small) sigh of relief, as there is a guest cottage on the property that available for you to rent out. Excited yet?

Listing: 14403 24th Ave SW [Redfin]