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Passive Aggressive Treehouse for Grown-Ups on Sale

Ring ring ring -- your 7-year old self called and wants to know if you can come out and play. The old tree house that Dad built a few decades ago might not be able to carry the weight of a fully-grown human, so here's the next best thing: a 5-bed, multi-floor, 3,970 sq. ft. house with a wealth of nooks and views that makes it feel like you're still a sprite living in the trees. While the concept is cool, only an strong-stomached adult would be able to live here because the shingled exterior of this "treehouse" gives off that terrifying 80s office building vibe. Then again, maybe that's the mark of passive aggressive adult treehouse architecture that replaces the "keep out" sign of old. Like caring for any child, indulging the kiddo in you is expensive, as even being chopped $50K, this place will still run you $799,000.

· Listing: 817 NE 75th St. [Zillow]