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Sheathe Your Scythe, Grim Reaper: Craftsman-Style Homes in Seattle Not Dead Yet

The rumblings on the street suggested that the demand for Craftsman-style houses were on the decline. We'll be honest -- we thought dubbing "Craftsman Homes Dead" was a little over the top. So we decided to do a little (unscientific) digging of our own.

In the past three months, over 2100 homes have been sold in the Seattle area ranging from SeaTac to Shoreline. But of this amount, Redfin reports that about 480 of these residences were considered Craftsman-style homes, the majority of sales concentrated in the Ballard/Greenlake/Wallingford area. Conversely, the number of houses sold that were categorized as "mid century" or "modern" clocked in at around 800.

Sadly, we have yet to find a stalking resource (or that much free time) that would tell us the age of every single buyer of single family residences in Seattle. As such, we can neither confirm or deny the statement that Seattleites in their 30s and 40s are jumping off the Craftsman band wagon, but it looks to us that while the "traditional" housing style is less popular than its more "modern" counterpart, Seattleites aren't quite ready to eulogize the death of the Craftsman.

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