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Solve Mysteries in this Scooby Doo-Inspired House in Kent

Remember those chase scenes in Scooby Doo episodes? The ones when Velma, Fred, Daphne, and Shaggy would dash in and out of rooms conveniently located in one hallway on one floor in their efforts to catch the villain of the day? You, too can now indulge in such hilarious, mystery-solving cardio-pumping activities in this long house in Kent. What this place lacks in height, it certainly makes up for in length, as it spreads 6-beds and 2-baths over 2,210 sq. ft. And rest assured, not a day shall pass without uncovering some mystery that needs to be solved, for between the exterior paint job, the loud carpet color choices, and terrifying wooden shop/garage, this house is chocked full of design demons and ghosts that will keep you busy for years. Before factoring in the cost of acquiring a Mystery Machine of your own, this Scooby Doo-inspired house will run you $199,900.

· Listing: 207 Alvord Ave N [CBBain]