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Wednesday Humps: Lake Forest Park Digs

Curvy to the core, this1,790 sq. ft. house propped up on 1.01 acres, this 2-bed pad in the Lake Forest Park area epitomizes Sir Mix-A-Lot's mantra-philosophy on women. The interior is tiny relative to the lot and average as expected, as its only "standout" feature indoors is the one-and-a-half fireplaces; per the listing, it says the house only has one fireplace, but the unfinished basement seems to have another one in the works. (That, or the worst/most effective time-out corner for a misbehaving child.) But boy, oh boy, that yard is large and in charge with a few characteristics that make it so you can't stop starin'. Case in point: there is yet another free-standing brick fireplace in the yard with plastic patio furniture sitting adjacent -- a set up that makes it look like some kind of dramatic performance is imminent and thus less awkward to stare, mouth agape. Cost of this juicy double: $425,000.

And as a little extra Wednesday hump-day treat, here's a "Baby Got Back" video entirely comprised of 295 movies spliced together from movie dialogues.

[Video by dondrapersayswhat via Youtube]

· Listing: 3110 NE 185th St. [Estately]