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Moderns Gone Wild: Fauntleroy Remodel with Bungalow Vibe

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Leave it to a house in Fauntleroy/White Center no man's land to remodel a mid-century and turn it into a mystical Northwest architectural creature: a modern-style home with a definite bungalow vibe. From the front to the back, this 3-bed, 2,520 sq. ft. pad features the two-toned, boxy exterior and austere, clean-lined interior that is characteristic of a Seattle modern and warms things up with some shrubbery, "river rock" kitchen counter tops, a splash of bright green, a huge deck, and tons of wooden/bamboo built-ins. And the 8,816 sq. ft. lot with garden space gets a little more (delightfully) unorthodox by including a hot tub and a shower outside. Like the house, it's bizarre but it works. Price tag: $899,000.

· Listing 9402 44th Ave SW [CBBain]