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Apodments: Urban Condos Packaged in Tiny Houses

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Whether for or against them, apodments have been blowing up the Seattle news scene recently. Most prevalent on Capitol Hill and near the U-District, these tiny to micro-house-sized alternatives to apartments or more traditional rental residences are causing quite the stir now that developers are trying to construct new buildings in Eastlake and the Central District. Some folks are up in arms about these Calhoun Property-designed apodment communities because they may take up neighboring residents' parking spaces or attract "hooligans" to move into the area.

But while some have made concerted efforts to prevent further construction, other 'hoods have embraced the new developments. After all, although some of the rooms run as small as 100 sq. ft. and only feature shared kitchen spaces, the upside is that renters will only have to fork out a couple of hundred a month and the place will come pseudo-furnished. In lieu of summer sun-induced optimism, we like to think of apodments as tiny condos -- individual units with shared spaces, except here, there are no hidden HOA fees and no utility expenses.

As such, here are the newer apodment listings in Seattle that, in the very least, are worth peeking at. If not to rent, to ogle at the new urban age of tiny-house living.

· "Solana": 310 17th Ave S. -- Capitol Hill -- 32 rooms; $495/month
· "Terrazza": 413 11th Ave -- Capitol Hill -- 56 rooms; $575/month
· "Avenida": 4047 8th Avenue NE -- University District -- 30 rooms; $585/month
· "Centro": 1304 E John St. -- Capitol Hill -- 56 rooms; $572/month

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