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Live in a Modern Northwest Replica of A-Rod's Miami Digs

Even after a decade, Seattleites still love any chance they can get to ridicule former Mariner Alex Rodriguez. While throwing paper money into the wind while unleashing an army of "boos" upon the former shortstop is still an enjoyable pastime, here's perhaps a more sophisticated way to get back at A-Rod. Zillow recently reported that the Yankees third baseman recently listed his custom-built, 20,000 sq. ft. home in Miami for a whopping $38 million, a not so hefty price considering he spent $24 million to build the place.

Buying a house lived-in and designed by baseball Public Enemy #1 might not be a Seattleites' dream. But revenge is sweet, especially when when purchased at a fraction of the cost. Behold, then, this scaled down Northwest replica of A-Rod's manse in Queen Anne that's up for grabs.

While this modern 3-bed build only sits on a 6,600 sq. ft. lot, it bears remarkable similarities to its fraternal Miami twin, especially the floor-to-ceiling windows, the bounty of balconies, the open floor plan, and the layout of the in-ground pool and adjoining patio area. And in keeping with Seattle's (architectural) tendency to avoid the outlandish and garish, this pad lacks extravagances like a batting cage, an elevator, more than a dozen security cameras, and gym with steam room, but keeps things classy by rocking a killer view of downtown Seattle from the second story balcony. The cost of sweet revenge will only run you $5.95 million -- a pittance to stick it to A-Rod and show him that once again , you don't need to shell out millions to come out big.
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2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121