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Queen Anne's Trifecta Solution to Keep Cool

It's going to be hot the next couple of days. The I-almost-wish-it-were-raining defeatist mentality that will surely plague Seattleites without air conditioning the next couple of days. Fret not: not one, not two, but a three solution-in-one remedy is available to help maintain sanity, prevent heat stroke, and create a general sense of comfortable contentment. This 4-bed, 4.5-bath in Queen Anne not only offers 3,768 sq. ft. of space so that anyone and everyone at the house can claim and set up their own personal fan-blowing-on-face space, but also an in-ground pool out back to really cool off. And perhaps once cabin fever sets in, residents can easily stroll down the lane a few blocks to find (we can only imagine) well air-conditioned watering holes so stay "hydrated" and happy. The cost of such convenience is $1.764 million, but think about all the money that can be saved from paying to go to public pools and dishing out dough for cabs!

· Listing: 1241 Bigelow Ave N [Zillow]