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Kitschy Attributes Proudly Displayed in Two Seattle Homes

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Perceptions of beauty differ, so it's understandable when folks decorate their houses with terrifying animal statuettes or cover their walls with antlers or abstract art. But the best/worst is when these individuals fall so in love with certain kitschy pieces of art that they insist on permanently installing them, rendering it unnecessarily difficult to remove if their tastes ever improve. Whether these horrific features inspire laughter or tears, they exist. In real life. In Seattle homes.

This condo on Capitol Hill has quirky artwork all over the place, but we hope that the owners plan on living there for a couple of lifetimes because the dark, cartoon art that has been painted on the wall in the dining nook is likely to appeal to a niche demographic of 14-year old girls or fans of art in the Anime-genre.

Listing: 400 Boylston Ave E. Unit 107 [Estately]

Unless the owners run a Pre-K music school out of the house, we couldn't even imagine what could have compelled them to install this music note banister. Although it does have us wondering what tune it has mapped out...

· Listing: 10285 NE Barkentine Rd. [Estately]