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Trip Out on this Psychedelic West Seattle Home

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While the outside looks like it would be the ideal home base for Ken Kesey and his Merry Band of Pranksters, this psychedelic home is more fit for the chic 'shroomer. For although the bizarre combination of colors and general exterior architecture sets people up for some kind of crazy whirlwind interior, this West Seattle home sports a relatively "normal" setup indoors. For the most part. The majority of this 2-bed, 1,360 sq. ft. house doesn't seem unorthodox (save the over abundance of free-standing screens) until one wanders into the bathroom and discovers that the rustic-styled room is also harboring an out-of-place bidet (?) or some other kind of plastic/ceramic structure in the corner. That, and the garage has been transformed into an open dance studio welcoming flow-y skirt, hemp headband-wearing folks to express their feelings through interpretive movements. (Or, if they tire of that kind of emotional output, they can further express themselves by adding to the floor artwork.) Whether thought of as a hippie haven or chic 'shroom shrine, this place will run you a mere $249,000.

· Listing: 4825 26th Ave SW [Estately]