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Northwest Bachelor Pad

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Wanted: a strapping, youngish bachelor with a downtown job who will appreciate a 3-bed Queen Anne home and all she has to offer. Why the suit-and-tie-wearing nine-to-fiver? Because that's the kind of person who might best enjoy kicking back on the weekends, grilling on the outdoor stainless kitchen and throwing massive parties on the rooftop deck overlooking Lake Union. Because that's the kind of person who may really appreciate the 2,420 sq. ft. open floor plan, the sleek, modern interior, the two fireplaces, skylights, and heated concrete floors to keep those toes cozy year around. And mostly because that's the kind of person who is most likely able to afford the $849,000 it costs to buy the place. No one ever said love would be easy...

Listing: 2010 8th Ave N [Estately]