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Train Up for 2016 Olympics in Bonney Lake

The 2012 Olympics are well underway, perhaps resurrecting old diary-written dreams of someday winning gold for the homeland. To feed the fire, here is a Bonney Lake home with at-home Olympic training facility potential. While the 2,120 sq. ft. interior doesn't afford future trainees a ton of room to work on tumbling routines, the 1.26 acre lot bordering Lake Tapps can accommodate and is ideal for the athlete training for multiple events. There are two docks and a boat ramp to hone sailing skills, a whole lake to practice that backstroke, and a grass volleyball "court" begging to be turned into a sand court. Plus, there's room yet perhaps to develop an archery range, a putting green, and maybe even an outdoor badminton facility. The home comes complete with a hot tub for hard working trainees to relax those muscles and gear up for another day. At $795,000, this potential training facility may seem a little steep, but don't worry -- when those sponsors come rolling in, it'll seem like chump change.

Listing: 19601 61st St. E [Redfin]