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Century-Old Craftsman is a Mystery Listing of the Future

Some listings warrant the "undisclosed address" designation. Generally, they're polished, multi-million dollar estates lived in by hardcore privacy-seekers. So when a Seattle tipster sent us this newly listed Craftsman, we were surprised to find the address was so clandestine. Rather, we were amused that this century-old 4-bed, 3,800 sq. ft. home with boat house and dock on Lake Washington seemed as though it were from a sci-fi novel set far in the future. Rather than reporting that the house had an "undisclosed address," Estately replaced such designation with the MLS number, making it look like the house's address was a serial number that was formerly occupied by robot family #46929 and their dog, 242. Price tag on this initially confusing robot home: $1.58 million.

Listing: #394563 Seattle [Estately]