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Free, That's Right, Free Home Up for Grabs at Tehaleh

Some people welcome new neighbors by trotting on by and delivering a homemade bundt cake. Others walk over with a smile and offer a small housewarming plant. But nothing says "welcome to the neighborhood" quite like a free house. As in, you seem nice; here are the keys, enjoy the house -- have a good life! That's the "warm welcome" Newland Communities wants to give one of their new neighbors: a free house with a choice of personalized finishes in their newest development, Tehaleh.

Located on the Bonney Lake Plateau, Tehaleh is Newland Communities' latest residential/community project and is the only one of its kind in Western Washington. This fully-contained 4,200 acre community has 4 million sq. ft. of land to be used for non-residential commercial development, and in 25 years, is expected to be home to 5,900 houses varying in design and size. Developed to be a "home in the forest," Tehaleh also includes over 1,000 acres of parks and open space, as well as a network of trails that extend over 10 miles across the community.

Enticed yet by the Northwest utopia? Well living here (for free, mind you) is easier than one would imagine.

No promises of first born children, no wheeling and dealing for highly-prized organs; there are no sketchy back room deals necessary to acquire the first free house Newland Communities has ever doled out.

Here's the gist of the "You're Home Free" competition. Starting August 24, Washington State residents can go online and simply sign up to enter. In early September, contestants can begin competing in edifying online challenges that are intended to educate interested future residents about the community. Then, at the Tehaleh Community Grand Opening on September 29, six finalists will be invited to compete in a series of Amazing Race-inspired challenges. The first to complete all four challenges will win a home valued at $280,000 and will then be able to choose one of five builders, a floor plan, which custom finishes the winner prefers, and the location in one of the phase one lots.

So how badly do you want it?

(More details (and floor plans!) to come about the design and layout of the community.)

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