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Mixed Messages: Does Someone Live Here or Not?

When we found this 2-bed, 860 sq. ft. co-op unit in Ravenna, we thought it was a decent deal for an average remodel. Redfin showed that unit #206 was available for $195,000 plus $363/month in HOA dues. Redfin also showed that unit #206 in the same building was not for sale and had been sold for $190,000 about a year ago. After playing some Highlights-quality "identify the differences between these two pictures," we were still left scratching our heads. The square footage is identical. The room in the featured photograph is staged the exact same way. Both are listed as co-ops. Neither allow four-legged friends. So which is it Redfin? Is the place up for grabs or does someone already live here?

· "Sold"Listing: 5810 Cowen Pl NE #206 [Redfin]
· "Available" Listing: 5810 Cowen Pl NE #206 [Redfin]


2025 1st Avenue, #6, Seattle, WA 98121