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Wednesday Humps: Two for One Celeb Deal in Kirkland

Get the best of two Seattle celebs in one house. As a home with Sir Mix-A-Lot approved proportions, this 3-bed, 2,840 sq. ft. house sits atop a secluded 1.42 acre plot in Kirkland. If the local rap legend's assumed stamp of approval on this big and juicy property doesn't do it for you, maybe this celebrity news will: this retreat/farm housey home is a mere 2.6 miles away from Hope Solo's new Kirkland digs. As in, you could call each other neighbors and it wouldn't be (that) weird. As in, you could be talking Sparky for a walk down the road and see that Olympic Gold medalist going for a sunrise jog. As in, it could even come to a point where you could bond over your dog-loving and have dog play dates. Hey, weirder things have happened. Price tag: $585,000.

· Listing: 7435 129th St. [Zillow]
· How Much of an Upgrade is Hope Solo's New House? [Curbed Seattle]