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Listing Photos Gone Awry in Rainier Valley

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Not everyone has the funds to hire someone to professionally stage a house to sell. And not everyone has the expendable cash to spend on a professional photographer, meaning that not every house on the market is going to look like it's worth a million bucks. Fair enough. But unless the photos posted of this newly listed home in Rainier Valley were accidentally swapped with their application for HGTV's Interior Design Disaster, the sellers might have been better off just providing a picture of the house's skinny exterior. The photos seems to lack, shall we say, a sense of priority. For example, it's not so much that they've included pictures of rooms with air mattresses -- hey, we say to each his own -- but that in these barren rooms, the beds of air are unmade while the Air Jordan backpack hangs neatly on the wall. And then there is that one room in the 4-bed house that is presumably so terrifyingly unkempt that an interior shot of the blinds is all we get. Too soon to take bets on how long this place priced at $275,000 will stay on the market?

· Listing: 4215 S Bozeman St. [Movoto]