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Hey You! Yes, You, Napkin Doodler! Want to Design the Top of the Space Needle?

Painters, mosaic constructors, graffiti maniacs, napkin doodlers -- anyone possessing any artistic inclination at all, the Space Needle is calling. That's right -- the Space Needle is holding its first-ever open competition to celebrate its 50th anniversary, allowing any US resident to submit design ideas to be slapped on the top of the Seattle icon for six whole months. A panel of five local judges will peruse all online-submitted entries (well, that's the only kind of entry permitted), and choose the top five contenders, at which point, the regular folks will be able to weigh in and vote which they color scheme or design they would like to look at for half the year.

But remember: just because the Space Needle is a Northwest icon doesn't mean that a Seattleite is promised to win. Any US resident can submit a design. So hit those coffee shops and dingy, low-lit bars and start doodling. If Seattle residents are the ones will will have to look at the new design day in and day out, don't you think that a Seattle-loving local should have had a hand in designing it?

· The Sky's the Limit! [Space Needle Competition Site]

Space Needle

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